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Digital Marketing Strategy

MyDMA help maximise your investment by clearly identifying the digital technologies and platforms to produce an optimal return on investment. A digital strategy is about setting goals, executing tactics, measuring success, and achieving high-level business objectives. It is also a blueprint for your digital marketing activity. Stakeholders should be committed to clear objectives and defined outcomes, to guarantee success. Understanding why you plan to use digital technologies and what you expect to achieve are critical success factors.

Understanding a client’s business objectives is paramount to the success of any engagement with MyDMA which is why we work under confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements to protect your assets.

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Website Optimisation

MyDMA can audit your website to identify weaknesses and make recommendations for improved efficiencies.

Website optimisation is the art of creating and continuously improving your website to improve the visitor experience and increase visitor satisfaction. An effective website needs to be as easy to use as possible. Critical components of your website include visual, navigation, and how a website displays information. You need to help visitors find the information they are looking for and lead them to make a purchase, sign up for your email list, or meet any other goals you have defined.

Website optimisation deals with the user experience by making the website easy to use and optimized for mobile devices.

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as Concept

Search Engine Optimisation

MyDMA can evaluate the appropriate technology to meet your business objectives.

Search engine optimisation is the process of getting traffic from free, organic, editorial, or natural search results on search engines. Organic search can often take weeks, months, and sometimes years to produce results. Organic search is perceived to be “free.” but it does require time and resources hence there is an investment associated with Organic search.

In the long term, organic search can actually have a very good return on investment. Approximately 20% to 30% of searchers click on paid results, compared to 70% to 80% on SEO results. The majority of clicks are on the organic or search engine optimisation results.


Paid Search

Paid search advertising campaigns require careful planning and management and MyDMA is here to help create and manage campaigns on your behalf.

Paid search is advertising within the search results of a search engine. Placing your advertisement on the search engine in front of people who are actively looking for your services increases the likelihood of you attracting more visitors to your website.

Search ads always appear above the organic listings. Search engine providers aim to drive more traffic to revenue-generating clicks.

Google Ads is the market leader for paid advertising globally with a 91% market share in Europe and is a highly sophisticated engine for targeting prospective customers.

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Social Media Marketing

MyDMA provides consultancy services to manage and monitor your social media campaigns.

Social media marketing is a form of digital marketing. It uses social networking platforms to increase brand and product awareness which cultivates relationships with consumers. Building meaningful relationships is at the core of social media marketing. Regularly adjusting your creative content to drive high engagement rates and relevance to your audience yields a high return on investment from promotional activity.

Promoting business through social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Snapchat requires highly reactive management to control both positive and negative activity.

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Display & Video Advertising

MyDMA can help with your Push advertising campaigns to build awareness of your company’sproducts, and services.

Display and Video advertising are awareness generating digital channels. You can drive consideration for your brand or product with visual advertising formatsthat clearly display your products and services to potential customers.Both display and video advertising serve ads to people who are on websites and/or browsing YouTube, and match your audience targeting criteria. They may not be in market for your product at this precise moment in time however, they could fit your target audience and may be a potential customer in the future.

Display and Video advertising can be used to complement TV buying strategies in capturing the audiences online that might not be captured by TV.

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Content Marketing

Ineffective content has the potential to damage your business without your knowledge and MyDMA provides expert advice to audit, create, personalise, and monitor your content and can recommend effective content management systems to suit your business.

Content marketing is a powerful tool that allows you to educate potential customers about your products and services and hopefully convert them. Effective content should be relevant, personalised and educational to capture and retain your audience. Content Marketing defines your identity, it’s about “who you are”, “what you do” and the value proposition you offer to your customers. Very often it is the piece that gets attention when you are developing a web site for example and is never revisited or monitored to measure its effectiveness.

Internet Email Marketing

Email Marketing

MyDMA provides advice and support to create effective email marketing strategies for your business. There are laws concerning email marketing. These laws aim to reduce unwanted, abusive, fraudulent, and other malicious types of email – often referred to as spam.

Email marketing helps to market your products and services, identifying your target customers, what they are looking for, and the best time to provide information by email. Email has not died. It works well across different channels. Cross-channel marketing is very effective for inbound marketing. Cross-channel integration can involve email crossing with social media, display and retargeting, SMS, mobile app, direct mail, in-store, website, and geolocation tracking.

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MyDMA has the ability to track user behaviour online and use analytics to make informed data-led decisions. This in turn helps to run effective campaigns and drive better commercial performance for your business.

Web Analytics involves the collection, measurement, and analysis of website data. We use Analytical tools to provide useful information about the origin of website traffic, how website users navigate and interact throughout a website, what content and web pages they are most engaged with, and how they exit the site.

Benefits include:

 ability to get closer to the customer

 ability to understand your users

 ability to gain insights from real customer activity

 ability to forecast using trends and patterns in customer behaviour

 accountability of media spends and resource allocation

 stronger focus

 prioritisation of resources

Our Clients

What our clients say

Paul Grehan – Owner Director
Lindsey Press & Graphics Limited Testimonial
With limited knowledge of the Digital Business Environment, we were aware that our business needed an effective online presence. MyDMA not only helped with the cost- benefit analysis but also provided invaluable information and guidance to assist in the development of two complementary websites due to be published shortly. A very professional approach and I would highly recommend them.
Eugene Heffron – Owner Director
Cosi Interiors Testimonial
We recently engaged the services of MyDMA to evaluate an eCommerce model for our business. Kevin’s professional approach and industry knowledge has been extremely beneficial in formulating our future business development plans. A pleasure to deal with and money well spent.
Shaun Kearon – Owner Director
Greenhand Lawn Treatment
We recently completed a project to upgrade our website, social media, and overall online presence. MyDMA were extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional taking time to understand our business model and objectives.Kevin provided guidance and support throughout the entire project leaving us to focus on our core business and I have no hesitation recommending them.
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